us: selected articles

How journalists of color plan to survive Trump’s America [Fusion, December 13, 2016]
(Named one of “30 of the Most Important Articles by POC in 2016” by HuffPost)
Father of boy roughed up by off-duty cop: ‘This is not right’ [Fusion, February 23, 2017]
Arizona mom becomes first deported under Trump policy [Fusion, February 10, 2017]
What Neil Gorsuch was like at Columbia University [Fusion, February 1, 2017]
House Democrats boycott Trump’s inauguration [Fusion, January 13, 2017]
Trump supporters are threatening to kill me over this tweet [Fusion, November 11, 2016]
Twitter defends Nicki Minaj after Taylor Swift feud [CNN, July 22, 2015]
Columbia becomes first U.S. university to divest from prisons [CNN, June 23, 2015]
John Boyega takes aim at ‘Black Stormtrooper’ racism [CNN, December 1, 2014]
The view from the rooftop [Columbia Spectator, April 29, 2013]
What it means to be well [The Eye Magazine, December 1, 2011]

hong kong: selected articles

Interview: genderqueer bodybuilder Siufung Law [Still / Loud, September 7, 2017]
Interview: writing Hong Kong with author Stephanie Han [Still / Loud, July 24, 2017]
‘Breasts are not weapons,’ say Hong Kong protesters [CNN, August 3, 2015]
Legislators reject China-backed reform bill [CNN, June 19, 2015]
How Hong Kong remembers Tiananmen Square [CNN, June 4, 2015]
Hong Kong to Chinese shoppers: ‘Go home’ [CNN, March 3, 2015]
Teen protest leader: Hunger strike ‘only way’
 [CNN, December 2, 2014]
17-year-old student prepares for democracy battle [CNN, September 21, 2014]
How tear gas brought Hong Kongers together [CNN, October 1, 2014]
Inside the densest place on earth, Kowloon Walled City [CNN, March 31, 2014]
Journalists: Press freedom at all-time low [CNN, February 25, 2014]
Hong Kong’s disappearing outdoor food stalls [CNN Travel, July 24, 2013]
Hong Kong’s ‘shameful’ treatment of refugees exposed [CNN, July 18, 2013]

asia: selected articles

Thai beauty ad: ‘Just being white, you will win’ [CNN, January 8, 2016]
Blue sky vanishes after Beijing’s massive parade [CNN, September 4, 2015]
Could Uniqlo sex tape hint at China’s sexual ‘rebound’? [CNN, July 25, 2015]
Chinese feminists show off body hair in photo contest [CNN, June 10, 2015]
Anger as China’s New Year Gala mocks ‘manly’ women [CNN, February 25, 2015]
Taipei mayor’s subway commute sparks debate in China [CNN, January 7, 2015]
Without Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli faces uncertain future[CNN, August 10, 2014]
China’s imperiled moon rover: ‘Goodnight, humanity’ [CNN, January 28, 2014]
Adoptee activists fight to end S. Korean adoptions [CNN, September 13, 2013]
Beihuqu: a village waiting to disappear [Self-published, July 22, 2012]

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