selected articles on photography and art.

Without the Human: Book Review of Jungjin Lee’s Echo [ArtAsiaPacific, July 29, 2019]
Review: Forest of Lost Trees [ArtAsiaPacific, March-April 2019 issue]
Profile: Issac Lam [Still / Loud Magazine, February 2019]
Review: Art in Crisis [ArtAsiaPacific, May-June 2018 issue]
Review: Rinko Kawauchi’s Halo [ArtAsiaPacific, November 7, 2017]
Review: Art and Resistance [ArtAsiaPacific, November-December 2017 issue]
Mysteries along the Hong Kong-China border [Still / Loud, August 7, 2017]
Review: Ho Fan, Portrait of Hong Kong [ArtAsiaPacific, June 27 2017]
Nothing new in Nobuyoshi Araki’s latest exhibition [ArtAsiaPacific, June 20, 2017]
Filippo Minelli’s aesthetics of emergency [CNN Style, June 9, 2017]
How photo series reveal power and prejudice [CNN Style, May 3, 2017]
Inside the lives of New York’s Chinese immigrants [CNN Style, April 25, 2017]
In Hong Kong, art holds next generation’s concerns [CNN Style, March 20, 2017]
To live this freely: In memory of Ren Hang [Still / Loud,  March 4, 2017]
(Republished at IPA and translated into Chinese at Initium)
How Ren Hang’s photographs explore desire [CNN Style, February 14, 2017]
The artist who immortalized Hong Kong’s cool [CNN Style, December 27, 2016]
The dreamy, intimate portraits of Shen Wei [CNN Style, October 27, 2016]
The new world of Chinese photography [CNN Style, September 13, 2016]
A look beyond Hong Kong’s postcard exterior [CNN Style, August 19, 2016]

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