why hong kongers fight

dissent magazine, summer 2020

the infinite heartbreak of loving hong kong

the nation, may 23, 2020
translated into chinese for the news lens.

the WHO ignores taiwan. the world pays the price.

the nation, april 3, 2020
translated into chinese for the news lens.

the us-china feud leaves us all worse off

opendemocracy, march 27, 2020

the left’s role in the hong kong uprising

dissent magazine, november 27, 2019
i interview avery ng, chairman of hong kong’s league of social democrats.

hong kong’s mask ban is a cover for a police crackdown

the nation, october 4, 2019
translated into chinese for lausan.

hong kong’s fight for life

dissent magazine, august 8, 2019
one of the most-read pieces on dissent in 2019. translated into chinese for the owl, german for der freitag and polish for krytyka polityczna.


i am a new york food courier. right now, it’s worse than you think

the guardian, april 3, 2020

delivery workers are coronavirus first responders

nbc news, march 22, 2020

how journalists of color plan to survive trump’s america

splinter, december 13, 2016
included on huffington post‘s “30 of the most important articles by people of color in 2016

columbia is first u.s. university to divest from prisons

cnn, june 23, 2015


without the human: book review of jungjin lee’s echo

artasiapacific, july 29, 2019

issac lam’s photos are dreamlike tributes to hong kong youth culture

still / loud, february 16, 2019

review: ho fan, portrait of hong kong

artasiapacific, june 27 2017

mysteries along the hong kong-china border

still / loud, august 6, 2017

to live this freely: in memory of ren hang

still / loud, march 4, 2017
also at invisible photographer asia. translated into chinese for initium


lessons from the uprising in hong kong

it’s going down, july 17, 2020
i am interviewed by the it’s going down podcast, broadcast to pacifica radio.

lit lunch

asian american writers workshop, june 17, 2020
i am interviewed by writer hannah bae on instagram live.

crisis in hong kong deepens

upfront on 94.1 kpfa, may 26, 2020
i am interviewed by cat brooks and brian edwards-tiekert on live radio.

what do hongkongers want?

none of the above, april 10, 2020
i am interviewed with joshua wong. (recorded in february 2020)

what the fight for hong kong is really about

gen, december 13, 2019
i am interviewed by journalist and editor maria bustillos.

‘die allerletzte chance für eine widerstandsbewegung’

die zeit, october 12, 2019
i am interviewed by xifan yang, china correspondent, die zeit (interview is in german).

the pro-democracy uprising in hong kong

the intercept, october 9, 2019
i am interviewed by jack d’isidoro for the intercepted podcast.